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Project, supply, commissioning, technical assistance and maintenance of integrated solutions for Utilities with special enphasis in:

  • Transmission systems (SDH, PDH, IP, … - through optical fibre, copper and radio);

  • Videosurveillance systems;

  • Public information systems;

  • Clock distribution systems;

  • LANs and PABX interconnection;

  • Integrated operation and management platform for equipment and applications;

  • Technical assistance and maintenance of networks and services.


Telecommunication equipments and solutions, for the specific needs of each Client:

  • Transmission solutions (DWDM, SDH, PDH, …);

  • Wireline solutions (optical fibre and copper - HDSL, ADSL, …);

  • Wireless solutions for the access network;

  • Multi-service multiplexers for the access network;

  • Network management platform;

  • Outsourcing of telecommunication networks;

  • Planning and management of outsourcing teams;

  • Installation, commissioning, technical assistance and maintenance of telecommunication equipments and systems.




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