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"The Portuguese Certification Association (APCER) certifies that ENT's quality system implemented in conception, industrialisation, installation and customer support for the telecommunication operators access network equipment and integration of telecommunication systems and information for utilities, complies with the NP EN ISO 9001: 1995 requisites."

ENT considers Quality Assurance as a success factor and with the objective of establishing a Quality Assurance system designed through the application of a Total Quality criterion to all the company, ENT's administration establishes some important goals:

a) To get a very high customer satisfaction, guaranteeing the maximum quality levels of products and services, in accordance with the contract specifications;

b) To establish a regular collaboration with furnishers, in order to integrate them in the productive process, participating on reaching the highest quality levels. This collaboration is based on the same objective, the final ENT client;

c) To establish partnerships with clients in a way that they have an important participation in conception and development of new products and systems;

d) To get the highest level of satisfaction of all company workers, improving their performances and the development of their personal and professional qualities, to create a working environment that improves their plain integration.


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