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ENT is an ISO 9001 certified company, established within the EFACEC Group, that develops, industrialises and supplies telecommunications equipment and solutions for Telecom Operators and Utilities.

Our main objective is to achieve a high level of Quality of our products and services and total satisfaction of Clients, Collaborators and Shareholders.

The company focuses in a high level of competencies in engineering and technical skills of its human resources, and has an experienced and highly trained team to perform the project, development, integration, deployment and commissioning of telecommunication networks and services.

Since the foundation of ENT, in 1997, we have supplied innovative solutions with considerable technical demands, creating skills and accumulating a large experience in the supplying, deployment and operation of solutions for the access network of Operators and customised integrated solutions for Utilities, in the transport, electrical and water market segments, which can
include transmission, videosurveillance, public information, clock distribution, etc..

ENT aims to be an innovative and competitive company in the national and international markets. For this purpose, we assume the challenge to develop solid skills in fundamental technologies and the necessary competencies to supply, according to the specific needs of each Client, innovative solutions with increased added value.

ENT will continue to work for the success of all our Clients, and expresses its gratitude for the trust given.

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